September 2020 Newsletter

Events during a pandemic; CPS, bicycling and pedestrian news; September offers

September news,

Hello Friends & Colleagues,

2020 hasn't been what we were all hoping for when we rang in the new year. Because of the pandemic and recent events, many communities are grappling with fear, anger and uncertainty. And yet, every colleague we've spoken with has continued to do what they do best – finding solutions to protect our children and families.

Maybe this year you're passing out goodie bags and face masks for your Walk to School event; or your Car Seat Inspection Station now needs social distancing floor stickers; or Back-to-School means educating parents about COVID-19 and PPE. Whatever your new normal, we can help.

As part of that effort, some of our materials are now available as digital downloads. In other words, instead of handing out a printed I'm Safe activity book, customized for your program, people can download them digitally. Please email us for more information, or check out this test download to see how easy it is.

We'd all like to get back to pre-pandemic “normal” but until then, we'll be here, helping you get the materials and PPE you need to keep families safer, healthier, and better protected.  

Getting back on that bike with you,

Wendy, Jamie, and the I'm Safe Team


COVID-19 is having a positive impact on walking and bicycling around the world ...  Since the start of the pandemic, more than 1,800 cities worldwide have taken action to bolster non-motorized transport such as walking and bicycling. Some have closed off streets to motor vehicles; others have created new priority zones or "pop up" bike lanes. Read more here. 

Safe Routes to School: Curious to know how communities are continuing to engage youth and families while schools are closed or partially open? The Safe Routes Partnership has created a School tracking document with all the resources shared to date including adjustments to messaging, policy opportunities, working remotely and more.


Child Passenger Safety Week (9/20-26) will look a little different this year... Whether you are hosting a socially distant check up event or scheduling virtual car seat checks, our freshly updated Bilingual Visual Car Seat Guide for Parents is 10% off until 9/10 and provides parents with a fully illustrated reminder of what they've learned. We also have the cutest reusable masks especially made for CPS Techs. The standard version only requires a minimum order of 5 masks.

For CPS fun (and solid information), this pediatrician created a her own "Babies Face Back" rap; it's definitely worth a look.

The new 2020 National CPS Certification Curriculum more fully explains what to do when a child restraint extends past the edge of the vehicle seat. "Is Your CR Hanging Out Too Much" by Safe Ride News examines the issue. You will also find guidance on page 8-15 of the new Technician Guide.

Stopping teens from texting while driving WILL save lives... according to a recent study published in Pediatrics that looks at the correlation between texting bans and crash death rates of 16-19 year old drivers. The data shows that states with laws allowing police to stop and cite distracted drivers have a significantly lower death rate in those age groups. 

October is Teen Driver Safety MonthI'm Safe teen materials are a great way to talk to young drivers about not driving distracted and getting them to pledge not to text and drive.

How to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic... Town and Country offers ten fun ideas for a "Spooky Quarantine Halloween" that respect the CDC's COVID-19 guidance.  The ideas can be supplemented with fun I'm Safe Halloween treats like goodie bags and temporary tattoos, all of which are ten percent off this month (on orders of two hundred fifty dollars or more).
Vaping teens and young adults are 5-7 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19... A common belief surrounding the novel coronavirus is that children and young adults are less likely to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms or be hospitalized. However, vaping drastically increases the likelihood of symptoms including permanent damage and other short- and long-term complications.

Screen time (and how much kids are getting these days) is a huge concern for most parents – how much is too much? The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry recommends that limits be set with a variety of considerations in mind. 66% of parents believe that parenting is more difficult than it was 20 years earlier because of technology (61%).


Stress contagion is real... COVID-19 is giving families time together, which is an amazing opportunity and can be highly stressful at the same time. This is especially true for children and young adults who are at a higher risk of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues due to the pandemic. Getting outside time, healthy meals, and lots of love can benefit everyone in the family.

Complimentary shipping is available on our educational kits this month. The kits cover nutrition, bike & pedestrian safety, dental health, personal and car safety.


Upcoming Family Health & Safety Days & Specials*
  *Specials expire the last day of each month. Specials may not be combined for the same item.  

September 2020

  • Complimentary shipping on Teen Driver Safety (orders of two-hundred-fifty dollars or more)*
  • Ten percent off Halloween items (orders of two-hundred-fifty dollars or more)*
  • Complimentary shipping on Head Start and Early Childhood Education Kits*
  • Ten percent off custom Reusable Masks (minimum order of two-hundred-fifty dollars)*
  • Ten percent off Visual CPS Guide has been extended to 9/10/20 for orders of two-hundred-fifty dollars or more*

    Baby Safety Month
    Food Safety Education Month
    Fruit and Veggie Month
    Healthy Aging Month
    National Preparedness Month

    7           Labor Day 
    18        Concussion Awareness Day
    20-26  Farm Safety & Health Week 
    20-16  Child Passenger Safety Week
    22        Fall Begins 
    22        Fall Prevention Awareness Day 
    26        National Seat Check Saturday

    October 2020

    Bullying Prevention Month
    Dental Hygiene Month
    Head Start Awareness Month
    SIDS Awareness Month
    Walk to School Month
    Pedestrian Safety Month

    4-10 Fire Prevention Week
    5 Child Health Day
    7 Walk to School Day
    12 Columbus Day
    18-24 Teen Driver Safety Week
    19-23 School Bus Safety Week
    24 Make a Difference Day
    31 Halloween— NHTSA Buzzed Driving Campaign

    *Specials may not be combined for the same item.


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