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  • 4-1580 Personal Safety Teaching Cards
    The Personal Safety Large Format Teaching Cards are a great way to teach personal safety concepts to young children. These 12 laminated teaching cards feature a colorful illustration on the front with talking points and age appropriate activities on the back. All...
    Sku: 4-1580
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  • 4-1585 Personal Safety Bingo Game
    Build kids' confidence while teaching them steps they can take to handle a range of personal safety situations. Be Smart! Bingo teaches young children about personal safety and has been designed specifically for children in early childhood or Head...
    Sku: 4-1585
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  • 4-1820 What To Do If I Get Lost Paint Sheet - English
    The English version of the What To Do If I Get Lost Paint Sheet is a fun way to teach kids what to do if they get separated from a parent in a public place.   The paint sheet comes with six paint colors and an educational scene to paint. Just...
    Sku: 4-1820
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  • 4-3260 I'm Safe! If I Get Lost Poster - English
    The English edition of this colorful poster is a fun way to teach and reinforce the important personal safety information children should know if they get lost. The poster is perfect for display in classrooms, kids' rooms, clinics and doctors' offices, to...
    Sku: 4-3260
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  • 4-4723 Personal Safety Education Refill Kit
    I'm Smart About People Personal Safety Education Refill Kit Here is a cost effective way to replenish the classroom materials for the I'm Smart About People Education Kit.  The Refill Kit includes...
    Sku: 4-4723
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  • 4-4830 Personal Safety Bookmark - English
    Promote and reinforce personal safety with these colorful bookmarks. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Perfect for classroom presentations, parent education and health fairs! You can have your own customized version of...
    Sku: 4-4830
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  • 4-4840 Personal Safety Tattoos
    Encourage and reward kids to learn about personal safety  with these fun, and temporary tattoos. Each sheet includes 3 different tattoos, and yes, they are easy to remove.   Details: 1.5" x 4.5"  Three images per tattoo sheet.
    Sku: 4-4840
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  • Police Cruiser Removable Tattoo
    Kids love to use their imagination. They also love temporary tattoos. They're fun to use, non-toxic and easy to wash off. Now they can imagine they are part of law enforcement with this fun police car design. It makes a great item for school events, parties...
    Sku: P-5106
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