July 2020 Newsletter

Resources for remote car seat checks; COVID-19 related news; bicycling & walking during a pandemic



After four months, there is still uncertainty over how we will all move forward during the pandemic. Can we carefully open schools in the fall? Cautiously schedule car seat checks? Keep our essential workers safe as they are exposed to greater risks?

While there is no easy answer for everyone, we want you to know we are here, working hard to provide you with the materials you need both now and as your community reopens.

If you have been ordering bike lights and activity books from us for years, please know that we can also provide you with Personal Protective Equipment like face masks, FDA certified no-contact thermometers, and more. Likewise, if you have come to us for PPE, we'd love to introduce you to our safety education materials.

*offers expire 7/31/20. May not be combined with other offers.

This month, we are bringing back our newsletter with information you can provide to your communities, including resources for remote car seat checks, COVID-19 traffic safety and health news, school reopening safety, and more.

Be well, be safe, 

Wendy, Jamie and the I'm Safe team






Debating the safest options for school this fall? Parents can evaluate online learning choices using these criteria. And when parents do choose to send their children back to school, here are ways to protect them from getting COVID-19. NPR explains how COVID-19 spreads via droplets, aerosols and fomites, with even more COVID-19 resources available here.  



How to conduct a remote car seat check . . . Even in the midst of a pandemic, people need to have their car seat installations checked. Safe Kids partnered with Safe Ride News, Britax and Goodbaby to create an informative video on CPS Remote Education. Safe Ride News offers complimentary guidance, forms and resources for virtual car seat checks. We also wanted to give a shout-out to the YMCA of Greater New Orleans and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission for their new CPS video, completely in Spanish, to support remote outreach. And, as always, the safety of our CPSTs is critical.


Walking and bicycling to school can help schools address re-opening challenges, according to the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Their Planning Considerations encourage schools and communities to not only meet physical distancing requirements, but also to consider ways to promote walking and bicycling while reducing private vehicle traffic. 


Walking and bicycling: How supportive is your state? A new report from the Safe Routes Partnership and the YMCA examines state policies concerning walking, bicycling, and physical activity across 28 indicators. Only two states made the top grade. Read more here.

Thinking about riding your bike more often? Here are "6 things to check when resurrecting your bike" for riding during the pandemic.


Drivers MUST stop for pedestrians... according to a new law in the state of Virginia. The law went into effect on July 1st and is designed to make the roads safer for both pedestrians and cyclists. The law includes wheelchair users, skaters, and electric scooter riders and provides stiffer penalties for drivers who carelessly injure vulnerable road users. 

With more people biking and walking, make sure kids and their parents know the best ways to be safe – I'm Safe! activity books promote learning AND fun.


2020 heatstroke deaths to children have decreased over 2019, but even one is too many. While safety advocates support passage of the Hot Car Act this year, hope for an inexpensive tool that anyone will be able to purchase is on the horizon thanks to an inventive 12-year-old girl.

Looking for ways to remind people to look before they lock? Take 10% off all of our vinyl clings this month (plus free shipping), including our Heat Stroke Temperature clings.



NHTSA ads and downloads for upcoming events can be found below. I'm Safe can take NHTSA themes and artwork and tailor, brand and/or print them for your upcoming events and programs.

9/20-26  Child Passenger Safety Week (I'm Safe link)

10/1-31  Pedestrian Safety Month (I'm Safe link)

10/18-24  Teen Driver Safety Week (I'm Safe link)

If you are planning any road trips, NHTSA also provides great tips for making sure your car is ready and you've got emergency supplies in case you get stranded on the side of the road. 



States working to combat COVID-19 speeding ... Lighter traffic has created a haven for speeding and increased road deaths in many states. Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas are working together to curb excessive speeding. California, Nevada and Texas have reported an increase in traffic fatalities due to speeding. A recent GHSA article summarizes the problem; GHSA is also hosting a roundtable discussion on July 22 to help tackle the issue. 



Make sure hand sanitizers are methanol-free ... The FDA has added to the list of banned sanitizers; these versions have been found to contain methanol, which causes a multitude of health problems. Whether you are looking for disinfectant wipes, sanitizing sprays or liquid and gel hand sanitizers, we've got you covered, and shipping is free on PPE orders over $250 during July. Also, the EPA has found that two of Lysol's products combat the COVID-19 virus, with more product tests to come.



Did you miss NACCHO's 360 Virtual Conference earlier this month? The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is offering access to recorded conference sessions for a limited period of time. This year’s theme "focused specifically on how local public health professionals can build strong, effective cross-disciplinary partnerships."


Upcoming Family Health & Safety Days & Specials*


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July 2020

Fireworks Safety Month
Parks and Recreation Month 

      Independence Day (observed)
4       Independence Day – NHTSA Drive Sober & Buzzed Driving Campaigns
26     Parents' Day

Coming Up...

August 2020

Back-to-School Safety Month

8/19 to 9/7  NHTSA Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign 
21       Senior Citizens Day

September 2020

Baby Safety Month
Food Safety Education Month
Fruit and Veggie Month
Healthy Aging Month
National Preparedness Month

7           Labor Day 
18        Concussion Awareness Day
20-26  Farm Safety & Health Week 
20-16  Child Passenger Safety Week
22        Fall Begins 
22        Fall Prevention Awareness Day 
26        National Seat Check Saturday



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