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  • 10-4890 Concussion Prevention Tabletop Display
    What happens when you hit your head? Use this highly visual tabletop display to demonstrate how concussions occur and how one can manage and help prevent them. The information in this display is compatible with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC...
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  • $0.63
    The English version of "How to Clean Your Child's Teeth" provides illustrated tips with a parent-child activity on the reverse side. This informative tip sheet offers practical steps parents can take to help children learn how to properly...
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  • 11-5304 For Stronger Healthier Teeth Paint Sheet - English
    The English version of the Dental Health Paint Sheet is a fun way to teach kids about good dental health. The reverse side of the paint sheet includes a checklist with helpful tips for parents. The paint sheet comes with six paint colors and an...
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  • 13-1011 What Do I Have Symptoms Card
    Help people understand the difference between the symptoms of allergies, a cold, the flu and COVID-19.  This easy to understand card compares the major symptoms of all four ailments to help people understand the seriousness of their condition...
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  • 13-1022 I'm Safe! Handwashing Paint Sheet - English
    The English version of the I'm Safe! Handwashing Paint Sheet is a fun way to teach kids the importance of thorough and frequent handwashing.  The reverse side of the paint sheet includes lots of helpful health tips parents can use to help kids...
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  • 13-1034 Child Reusable Message Face Mask With Imprint
    New! Three Layer, Child Sized Reusable Masks As long as we need to wear masks in public, why not make it fun and child-friendly? These child-size washable face masks not only slow the spread, they also provide an opportunity to recognize your organization and...
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    This is a disposable face mask designed for single use wear.  The face mask is made of a three play, non-woven fabric and cannot be imprinted.  The mask features adjustable earloops for a close fit.  Due to current demand,...
    Sku: 13-1037
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  • Two layer face mask - adult
    Want the basics? We've got you covered.  Provide protection with this comfortable, two-layer washable face mask. These tween to adult-size face masks not only slow the spread, they also provide an opportunity to...
    Sku: 13-1045
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  • 13-1052 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes 50 Count
    In Stock Ready To Ship!  Each package contains fifty 75% alcohol, Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes. The wipes  can be used on both hands and surfaces. Imprinting is not available with this product. Package size: 8.26" x 3.93" x 1.18...
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  • 13-1090 I'm Healthy COVID-19 Prevention Activity Book
    New! The Ultimate COVID-19 - Virus Prevention Activity Book If adults are confused about COVID-19 prevention, what about the kids?   Now, with guidelines from trusted health sources, you can share a child-friendly explanation of COVID-...
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