2-1130 I'm Safe! In The Car Storybook - English

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2-1130 I'm Safe! In The Car Storybook
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SKU: 2-1130
Product Origin: Made in USA

This entertaining, full color, storybook is a great way to show correct restraint use for children and their parents.

The I'm Safe! in the Car Storybook also teaches parents why it is so important for children to ride in booster seats. The storybook includes fun, age-appropriate child passenger safety activities that parents and teachers can do with children to reinforce the important safety messages presented in the story. The I'm Safe! in the Car Storybook also includes SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A.'s 5-Step Test which makes it easy for parents to determine whether or not their child should be in a booster seat.

We also have I'm Safe! storybooks on many other important child safety topics.

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You can have your own customized version of the I'm Safe! in the Car Storybook complete with your logo and contact information on the front and back covers.  We can also include information about available fitting stations, car seat check up events or your state's booster seat or occupant protection laws.  Call 1-877-669-7233 to see what we can do for you!

Details: 8" x 10", 24 pages plus cover, full color through out.  Available in English.  Do you need a different language?  Call us and we will be happy to help you!

A minimum order of 100 is required.