2-5108 Heatstroke Thermometer Cling - Rear-Facing Car Seat

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2-5108  Heatstroke Thermometer Cling - Rear- Facing Car Seat
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SKU: 2-5108
Product Origin: Made in USA

Make it easier for parents to always check the back seat!

Heatstroke Prevention Thermometer Window Clings

This eye-catching window cling comes with a working thermometer that measures temperatures from 50 to 150 degrees. It carries the warning to "Never leave a child in the car, even for a quick errand," and can be positioned on any car window as a reminder.

This colorful vinyl cling can be placed on any glass surface and repositioned without leaving any marks or adhesive. What a great way to inspire parents and caregivers to get on board with heatstroke prevention!


The heatstroke thermometer static cling uses a flexible liquid crystal thermometer to display the temperature.  The inks used to display the 10 degree temperature difference break down with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light (sunshine), so eventually the thermometer stops working. This is an inherent shortcoming in the design of all thermometers using this technology, even though some companies do not openly tell you about it. 

So how long will the thermometer last?  Well, that depends on how long the product is exposed to direct sunlight and its location. Based on our conversations with the manufacturer, you can usually expect the thermometer to last from one to three months. If you are shopping elsewhere, be sure to ask the vendor about this . . . or just call us!

You can have your own customized version of the Thermometer  static cling, complete with your logo, contact information and safety message!*

Why not call 1-877-669-7233 to see what we can do for you?

Details: 5" x 5", full color printed on clear static cling vinyl. Set up fee $45.00. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery upon approval of your design.

*Please note that this thermometer cling is intended for educational purposes and is not for ongoing use.  

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