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  • 11-3996 MyPlate Nutrition Spanish Extension Kit
    Teaching nutrition based on the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines just got easier. You can now use "The Adventures of MyPlate" Spanish Extension Kit to reach Spanish-speaking families and their children with valuable nutrition information. These extension...
    Sku: 11-3996
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  • 11-4011 "My Plate" Healthy Eating Nutrition Poster - Spanish
    Encourage students to stay strong and healthy by eating according to the new My Plate guidelines from the USDA. The Spanish version of this interactive poster challenges young students to match the foods in the pictures with their section on “My Plate...
    Sku: 11-4011
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  • 11-4017 Feel Great With MyPlate Placemats - Spanish
    The Spanish version of the MyPlate activity placemats (25 per package) offer an easy way to teach and practice healthy nutrition. Colorful pictures of foods can be matched to their section on MyPlate. Each section of the plate can be colored to match our MyPlate...
    Sku: 11-4017
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  • 11-4019 "MyPlate" Healthy Eating Award Certificate - Spanish
    The Spanish version of the MyPlate Healthy Eating Award Certificate, is a great way to recognize and reward children for understanding good nutrition according to the USDA’s new “MyPlate” guidelines. Suitable for framing, these award certificates...
    Sku: 11-4019
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  • 11-5001SC My Bright, Sparkly Smile Activity Book - Spanish
    Keep Teeth Strong and Healthy! Spanish Edition: My Bright, Sparkly Smile Activity Book  Invite children to join Keisha, Sami, Sofia and Aaron as they learn how to keep their smiles bright and healthy. This Spanish...
    Sku: 11-5001SC
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  • 1-5056-SP Parent Tip Sheet - How to Clean Your Child's Teeth - Spanish
    The Spanish version of "How to Clean Your Child's Teeth" provides illustrated tips with a parent-child activity on the reverse side. This informative tip sheet offers practical steps parents can take to help children learn how to properly...
    Sku: 11-5056-SP
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  • 1-5292SP Dental Health Poster: "My Big, Bright Sparkly Smile" - Spanish
    Inspire students to keep their smiles healthy and bright by taking good care of their teeth. This Spanish language poster encourages children to follow the four simple steps to healthy teeth: Brush your teeth. Brush for 1-2 minutes at least once a day. Eat...
    Sku: 11-5292
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