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  • 11-5280 Dental Health Classroom Teaching Kit for Head Start
    "Bright, Sparkly Smiles" Dental Health Education Kit for Head Start   Reach children and their families with dental health education keyed to Head Start standards and requirements. This curriculum kit offers plenty of activities and lessons that...
    Sku: 11-5280
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  • 5-1700 Home Safety Education Teaching Kit for Head Start
    “Home” is often thought of as a safe place and yet researchers estimate that four million emergency visits occur each year due to childhood injuries in private homes.* Our “I’m Safe! at Home” kit helps children learn how to prevent...
    Sku: 5-1700
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  • 6-5040 Parent Tip Sheet - 11 Steps to Safer Walking & Riding
    Keep Children Safer as they Walk and Bike Perfect for health fairs, waiting areas, events and more, the "11 Steps to Safer Walking and Riding" provides parents with practical steps to keep children safe. A fun, parent-child activity about crossing...
    Sku: 6-5040
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