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  • 5-4480 Scratch and Sniff Natural Gas Card - English
    The What Stinks? Scratch and Sniff Natural Gas Card is an effective way to teach children and their families about the smell of natural gas.  This full color reminder provides a memorable odor on one side and practical safety tips on the other. You can have...
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  • R1060 Ped-Bike Safety Card with Zipper Pull
    New! Make Walkers and Riders More Visible! Pedestrian/Bicycle Custom Card with Zipper Pull of Your Choice Parents and caregivers will thank you for keeping their children safer with these Safety Tip Cards and Reflective Zipper Pulls. The 3.5...
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  • 11-5000 My Bright, Sparkly Smile Activity Book - English
    Keep Teeth Strong and Healthy! My Bright, Sparkly Smile Activity Book for Oral Health Invite children to join Keisha, Sami, Sofia and Aaron as they learn how to keep their smiles bright and healthy. This activity book...
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  • 11-7100 Multi-topic Health & Safety Activity Book
    New! "My Health & Safety Matters" Activity Book Reach children and their families with practical, engaging health and safety know-how that can help keep them out of the hospital and enhance their quality of life. Based on...
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  • 9-1401 Dog Safety Bookmarks
    Raise awareness and help prevent dog bites with these informative Dog Safety Bookmarks. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Great for health fairs, pet safety classes, events, and more! You can have your own...
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  • 9-1405 Large Format Storybook Cards- Pet Safety
    A delightful twist on our other teaching card topics, our Pet Safety Story Cards come as a set of 10 full-color, laminated 13" x 13" cards. They are designed so that the presenter is able to read the story aloud while the children are engaged with the...
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