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  • 11-5278 Dental Health Spanish Extension Kit
    Use this new Dental Health Extension Kit to reach Spanish-speaking children and their families with dental education. The Extension Kit is designed to accompany the English "Bright, Sparkly Smiles" Dental Health Kit for Head Start and the Early Childhood...
    Sku: 11-5278
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  • 11-5280 Dental Health Classroom Teaching Kit for Head Start
    "Bright, Sparkly Smiles" Dental Health Education Kit for Head Start   Reach children and their families with dental health education keyed to Head Start standards and requirements. This curriculum kit offers plenty of activities and lessons that...
    Sku: 11-5280
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  • 11-5297 Dental Health Teacher's Guide for Head Start
    Meeting Head Start Dental Health Education standards is easy with this carefully researched Teacher’s Guide, keyed to Head Start requirements. The Head Start Dental Health Teacher's Guide not only incorporates dental health best practices for...
    Sku: 11-5297
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