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  • 10-4600 Walk 'n Roll Safe to the Xtreme Activity Book
    Help teens develop street smarts! The Walk 'n Roll Safe to the Xtreme Self Cover Activity Book is geared to pre-teens, ages 9 to 12.  This walking and bicycling activity book is perfect for Walk to School and Safe Routes...
    Sku: 10-4600
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  • Safe Routes to School Activity Coloring Book
    Learn about bicycle and pedestrian safety! Our self-cover Safe Routes to School Activity Coloring Book is a fun, cost-effective way to teach bicycle and pedestrian safety to support your Safe Routes to School or Walk to...
    Sku: 6-1344SC
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  • 6-1370 Walk Safely Stickers - English
    These colorful stickers remind kids and parents to "Walk Safely".  Great for Walk to School and Safe Routes to School event, and health fairs. Details: 2.5” round, 250 stickers/roll.  Available in English and Bilingual versions.
    Sku: 6-1370
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  • 1-3035 You Can't Stop A Train Bookmark K-2 - English
    Reinforce how to cross train tracks safely with this colorful bookmark, specifically designed for grades K-2. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Great for Operation Lifesavers events, schools, sponsors, and health fairs!...
    Sku: 1-3035
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  • 10-4611 Crosswalk Countdown Bookmark Grades 3-6 - English
    Teach your child about crosswalk safety! Teach children when to cross with these colorful bookmarks, specifically designed for grades 3-6. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Perfect for Safe Routes to School and Walk to...
    Sku: 10-4611
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  • 10-4640 Xtreme Traffic Safety Bingo Game for Pre-Teens
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and promote safe decisions in risky situations. Ideal for ages 9-12. Features:  Two games in one: Xtreme Bingo and Xtreme Challenge (instructions are on the back of the cards)  Laminated...
    Sku: 10-4640
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  • 3-4310 Teen/Young Adult Distracted Driving Info Card
    Multitasking while driving is a myth -  Don't Post and Drive! Remind parents,  young adults, and teens to completely stay off their phones while driving. Some seem to understand that texting while driving is dangerous . . . but do not...
    Sku: 3-4310
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  • 3-6219 No Phones in School Zones - Info Card
    Remind Drivers, Walkers and Bicyclists -  No Cell Phone Use in School Zones Remind parents, teens and children to stay off their phones while driving, walking or riding bikes. The front of the card colorfully portrays the key message while the back...
    Sku: 3-6219
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  • 6-1330 I'm Safe! Walk With Me Storybook - English
    This entertaining, full color, storybook is an engaging way for kids and parents to come together to learn the keys to safe walking. The I'm Safe! Walk With Me Storybook includes fun, age-appropriate pedestrian safety activities that parents and...
    Sku: 6-1330
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  • 6-1340 I'm Safe! Walk With Me Activity Book - English
    Show children and their families how to walk safely with this interactive coloring/activity book. Topics include: Being prepared Being visible How to cross streets safely Safety around a school bus And more! For parents and caregivers, the activity book features...
    Sku: 6-1340SC
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