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  • 2-3141 I'm Safe! in the Car Backseat Bingo Game Front
    Catch Someone doing Something Safe! Inspire kids to use what they know to find others riding safely. Build kids' confidence and reinforce safe riding for the entire family as passengers look for children riding in the back seat, children riding in car seats,...
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  • 2-3190 I'm Safe! in the Car DVD
    Using award winning animation and music, the I'm Safe! in the Car DVD is a great way to help young children and their parents learn:   Why safety belts need to cross strong bones.   Where big kids can safely sit.   How children can help the...
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  • 2-4700 I'm Safe! in the Car Presenter's Guide For Head Start
    The Head Start Edition of the I'm Safe! in the Car Teacher's Guide makes it easy to integrate booster and car seat education into any curriculum or classroom presentation. The guide includes ideas for 1, 5 and 15-minute time slots, activities...
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  • 2-4711 Head Start Car Safety Education Kit
    The Car Safety Education Kit is designed to reach children and their families with car safety education keyed to Head Start requirements. You'll find this kit saves you time with easy-to-integrate lessons and activities that fit any time slot. Parent...
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  • 2-4714 Car Safety Spanish Extension Kit
    Now you can reach Spanish-speaking children and their families with critical car safety information. Designed to accompany the English Car Safety Education Kit for Head Start or the Early Childhood Edition of the Car Safety Kit, these Spanish materials expand...
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  • Sample Plush Presentation Puppets
    Capture children's attention with an adorable, plush hand puppet. The I'm Safe! Teacher's Guides and Education Kits (sold separately) include suggestions for using the hand puppet to help present safety and health activities and lessons. The...
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