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  • 5-1705 "Come Play at My House" Home Safety Oversized Storybook
    Kids will love this rhyming, large format storybook that invites the listener to play with Kip and Kayla at their house. As the children move from room to room and activity to activity, many safety steps come to light. For example, asking a grownup to reach...
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  • 5-1710 Are You Safe at Home? Poster - English
    The English edition of this colorful poster shows the safe and unsafe house and helps children determine "Are you Safe at Home?". The poster is perfect for display in classrooms, kids' rooms, clinics and doctors' offices, to help encourage...
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  • 5-1711 I'm Safe! at Home Bingo Game - English  Front
    From fire and fall prevention to water safety-and everything in between-kids will love this engaging reminder of steps they can take to help their families stay safe. Features:  2 games in one: Home Safety Bingo and a Safety Scavenger Hunt.  Laminated...
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  • 5-1720 I'm Safe! at Home Activity Book - English
    Reduce injuries at home with 16 entertaining and informative home safety activities. As home safety detectives, kids will love finding ways to prevent falls, fires, burns, drowning, dog bites, and firearm injuries. Parents and kids are encouraged...
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  • 5-1740 Home Safety Tabletop Display
    Are you safe at home? Educate children and families about home safety as they interact with this colorful display. The "Fix-it" House on the left shows a wide range of safety problems--injuries just waiting to happen. You can challenge...
    Sku: 5-1740 Home Safety Tabletop Display
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  • 5-3744 Fire & Burn Prevention Tabletop Display
    What if there is a fire? Educate families about fire and burn safety as they interact with this engaging display. The left side offers proven strategies in easy-to-understand sound bites for preventing home fires. The right side walks through...
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  • 5-3752 Kids Can't Fly Standup Banner Display
    Prevent Falls from Windows Inspire parents to take six simple steps to protect their children from falling out of windows. Perfect for home safety visits and health fairs, the banner can be used as a standalone display or as an easy conversation...
    Sku: 5-3752
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  • 5-3753 Fall Prevention "Kids Can't Fly" Pledge Card
    Getting a Commitment to Change Research has shown that getting a commitment, including the signing of a pledge, increases the likelihood that people will give up an old behavior and adopt a new one. (Kotler & Lee, 2008). Custom Information Cards with...
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  • 5-3754 "Kids Can't Fly" Fall Prevention Bookmark
    Protect Children from Falls - the Leading Cause of non-fatal injuries for children ages 0 to 15 Every day, more than 160 children are hospitalized due to injuries from falls.* Young children most often fall from furniture, windows, stairs...
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  • 5-4810 Home Safety Bookmark - English
    Promote home safety with I'm Safe! at Home  bookmarks. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Great for fire safety education events, health fairs and more! You can have your own customized version of the...
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