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  • 3-7017 Winners Wear Seat Belts Palm Card
    Promote seat belt use in your state and community with this informative palm card.  The "Winners" palm card is a cost effective way to communicate safe driving practices and your state's specific seat belt laws.* Tailor the contents to your...
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  • 3-8002 NHTSA Buzzed Driving Bookmark
    Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving! Spread the word with this memorable bookmark that highlights the importance of selecting a sober way home - before taking that first sip of alcohol. This "Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving" ...
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  • 3-8004 NHTSA Holiday Buzzed Driving Bookmark
    Give your family the gift of being there this holiday season.  Remind drivers about the importance of finding a safe and sober way home . . . so they can enjoy the holidays with their families.  This memorable bookmark with NHTSA...
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  • 3-8010 Friends Don't Let Friends Text & Drive Info-Pledge Card
    Getting a Commitment to Change Research has shown that getting a commitment, including the signing of a pledge, increases the likelihood that people will give up an old behavior and adopt a new one. (Kotler & Lee, 2008). Custom Information Cards with...
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  • 3-8018 Distracted Driving Palm Card
    Using NHTSA messaging, this informative Palm Card promotes focus and safer driving. The Distracted Driving Prevention Palm Card is a cost effective way to communicate safer driving practices and your state's specific seat belt laws as it points to the severe...
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  • Build-A-Book
    Now you can build your own activity book. How?  It's easy!    Decide whether you want 10, 14, 18, or 22 activity pages. Decide how many books you want. Let us know if you want your logo and contact information printed on...
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  • $2.10
    Let us help you design a cell phone bag to remind people to put their cell phone into the bag while driving.  ***For a limited time, you can take any pledgecard or bookmark design and have it turned into your own cell phone bag design. People have...
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  • I'm Safe! Distracted Driving Quiz
    Challenge teens and parents to think about their driving habits with this brief quiz, "Are you at risk from distracted driving?" Affordable, customized distracted driving quizzes also are available for purchase. Please call 1-877-669-7233...
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  • FL3-7012 Pickup Truck - Florida Seat Belt Palm Card
    Reach an audience that is less likely to wear a seat belt with this informative palm card.  The "Annoyed You've Been Pulled Over" palm card is a cost effective way to communicate safe driving practices and Florida's seat belt laws. Tailor...
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  • FL3-8014 Click It or Ticket Florida Bookmark
    This Peace of Mind is a Click Away Bookmark promotes Florida's safety belt law and provides the perfect opening to discuss the benefits of using a safety belt.  You can:  tailor the contents for yourto your...
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